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SFW Provides Emergency $12,500 and Installs Mule Deer Highway Crossing Signs

Blanding Road Signs to Address Excessive Mule Deer Highway Mortality

For several years SFW has dove in to tackle the loss of mule deer on Utah’s highways.  Our most recent project between Blanding and Monticello was completed this week.  An emergency measure, SFW provided the full $12,500 to place flashing signs through one 25-mile stretch of highway where deer loss has totaled 1,100 dead in the last 2 years.  These numbers were determined by the number of deer reportedly picked up by road workers on this stretch of two-lane highway.  The actual loss numbers may be higher as no estimate was provided for deer killed but not found or collected.  Thank you to the SFW Blanding chapter for highlighting this very serious threat to Mule Deer in  Southeastern Utah.  We look forward to fencing, underpass and other projects in the future to address mule deer mortality through this migration corridor.


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