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SFW Works to Increase Pheasant Numbers

SFW¹s pheasant transplant project is in full swing. Troy Justensen of SFW spent some time last week checking monitoring progress on this project. The 3,000 hens and roosters are growing quickly. The pheasants will be released in Utah DWR Wildlife Management Areas including Redmond, Annabella, Pahvant Upland Area, Clear Lake, Glenwood, and Topaz Slough. The goal is to increase pheasant numbers in areas of existing suitable habitat where pheasant numbers are low. A first release will occur this fall of primarily male birds. A second release of primarily female pheasants will occur in late winter/early spring in the hopes that the hens will successfully nest and raise broods next spring. We look forward to this fall¹s release date. Don¹t forget to calendar the youth hunting day on November 10, 2012 on Pahvant Upland Area. A special thank you to SFW Richfield chapter for making this project a reality.


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