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SFW Donates $7,275 in Archery Equipment to Utah Schools

SFW has donated $7,275 in archery equipment to 10 Utah schools. The archery equipment for each school included bows, target, arrows, arrow releases and other gear. The donation helps the schools meet objectives within each school’s curriculum.

Schools that received archery equipment donation:

  • Wayne Middle School
  • Wellington Elementary
  • Hurricane Intermediate
  • Provo Freedom Academy
  • Lakeview Academy
  • Rocky Mountain Middle School
  • Ogden Preparatory Academy
  • Timpanogos Intermediate
  • Bruin Point Elementary
  • Canyon View Middle School
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Davis/Weber Chapter Members Assist on Turkey Hunts for the Brave

SFW’s Davis/Weber chapter in northern Utah assisted some American heroes on their Utah turkey hunts. Staff Sergeants Powell, Abderson and Skaggs all were successful with help from SFW’s Justin Oliver, Jack Manning and Brandon Nelson.


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SFW Works to Increase Pheasant Numbers

SFW¹s pheasant transplant project is in full swing. Troy Justensen of SFW spent some time last week checking monitoring progress on this project. The 3,000 hens and roosters are growing quickly. The pheasants will be released in Utah DWR Wildlife Management Areas including Redmond, Annabella, Pahvant Upland Area, Clear Lake, Glenwood, and Topaz Slough. The goal is to increase pheasant numbers in areas of existing suitable habitat where pheasant numbers are low. A first release will occur this fall of primarily male birds. A second release of primarily female pheasants will occur in late winter/early spring in the hopes that the hens will successfully nest and raise broods next spring. We look forward to this fall¹s release date. Don¹t forget to calendar the youth hunting day on November 10, 2012 on Pahvant Upland Area. A special thank you to SFW Richfield chapter for making this project a reality.


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SFW Provides Emergency $12,500 and Installs Mule Deer Highway Crossing Signs

Blanding Road Signs to Address Excessive Mule Deer Highway Mortality

For several years SFW has dove in to tackle the loss of mule deer on Utah’s highways.  Our most recent project between Blanding and Monticello was completed this week.  An emergency measure, SFW provided the full $12,500 to place flashing signs through one 25-mile stretch of highway where deer loss has totaled 1,100 dead in the last 2 years.  These numbers were determined by the number of deer reportedly picked up by road workers on this stretch of two-lane highway.  The actual loss numbers may be higher as no estimate was provided for deer killed but not found or collected.  Thank you to the SFW Blanding chapter for highlighting this very serious threat to Mule Deer in  Southeastern Utah.  We look forward to fencing, underpass and other projects in the future to address mule deer mortality through this migration corridor.


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SFW provide needed funding for Tiger Muskie transplant Project in Joe’s Valley Reservoir

SFW has partnered with Utah DWR to support the transplanting of Tiger Muskies in Joe’s Valley Reservoir.  Good funding is typically available for projects related to Utah’s fisheries.  In this case, SFW was proud to provide $5,000 of needed funding to finish this transplant project.  The overall cost of the 2,000 fish placed in Joe’s valley was $12,000.  This was part of a larger project that placed 7,000 tiger muskie in Joe’s Valley, Pineview and Johnson’s Reservoir.  In 2006, Tiger Muskie populations in Utah and across the West “took a big hit.”  Utah has been involved in some very interesting efforts to develop a strain of fish which is more compatible with Utah waters.  This is part of an effort to help this fun fighting fish in the state.  One Tiger Muskie caught in Utah at Pineview Reservoir was reportedly 49 inches long and weighed over 31 pounds.   Thanks to Shayne Thompson and the SFW Carbon Emery County Chapter for making this project possible.  For some interesting reading on Utah’s Tiger Muskie efforts visit here.


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"The mission of SFW is to promote the protection and enhancement of wildlife habitat, assist in providing quality wildlife management programs, educating the public about the role hunters play in wildlife conservation, and perpetuating the family tradition of hunting and fishing".