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Greg Sheehan Named New Utah DWR Director

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert and the Utah Department of Natural Resources announced the selection of Greg Sheehan as the new director of the Division of Wildlife Resources. SFW supports Greg and the leadership he will bring along with his team at the Utah DWR. We face many challenges in Utah’s wildlife but are excited about the future and the progressive leadership Greg can bring to all sportsman. Utah DWR Press Release

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SFW and DWR Partner in Pheasant Release


Friday November 2nd, and Friday November 9th, The Utah Sportsmen For Fish and Wildlife, along with state wildlife officials, released over 1,200 Manchurian Ringneck Pheasants in hopes of reestablishing the populations of these birds in the wild.

The first release Friday, November 2nd, consisted of 825 roosters and 200 hens in areas including Redmond WMA (wildlife management area), Annabella WMA, Pahvant WMA, Clear Lake, Bicknell Bottoms, and Topaz Slough.

The second release Friday, November 9th, consisted of 250 roosters on the Pahvant WMA in the Black Rock Desert of Millard County. These birds were released as part of a Youth Only Pheasant Hunt created by SFW and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. 100 youth hunters were given the opportunity to participate in this hunt.

In February of 2013, 1,800 hens and 200 roosters will again be released in these two counties, as an important effort to augment wild populations and promote natural reproduction and increase huntable populations.

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Our Mission

"The mission of SFW is to promote the protection and enhancement of wildlife habitat, assist in providing quality wildlife management programs, educating the public about the role hunters play in wildlife conservation, and perpetuating the family tradition of hunting and fishing".