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Big Game Management at 9,979 Feet

SFW DWR Cache High Country The SFW Cache Team just returned from a high country ride to evaluate big game summer range conditions in remote parts of the Cache National Forest. SFW rode with Utah Division of Wildlife (DWR) big game personnel to an elevation of 9,979 feet to get a first-hand, up close look at range conditions.

SFW DWR Cache High CountryThe purpose of the ride was to assess range conditions for existing Mule Deer and Elk in this high country region of northern Utah. Jason Lundahl and Steve Sorensen requested the assessment on behalf of SFW and arranged details and logistics of the ride.

“There’s a real benefit to having SFW members on the ground with DWR personnel on projects like this,” Lundahl said. “Some of the most important wildlife and habitat projects in Utah’s history have started in ways like this, on horseback and in the backcountry. This remote wilderness area is high quality big game summer habitat. We are very encouraged about the possibilities it holds for greater numbers of trophy deer, goats and elk in the near future.”

SFW DWR Cache High CountryIn the group photo standing on top of the mountain from left to right is DWR Big Game Coordinator Justin Shannon, SFW Cache Member Steve Sorensen, DWR Northern Region Big Game Biologist and Assistant Wildlife Manager Darren Debloois, and SFW Cache Committee Chair Jason Lundahl. Photo courtesy of Jeff Lundahl.

SFW DWR Cache High Country

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