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A New Herd of Mountain Goats on Utah’s La Sal Mountain Range

SFW staff and volunteers joined Utah Division of Wildlife biologists and US Forest Service personnel in the capture and release of 15 mountain goats onto the La Sal Mountains southeast of Moab.

Goat Transplant Goat Transplant Goat Transplant Goat Transplant

The goats – 5 billies and 10 nannies – were captured off of the Beaver Mountains, approximately 250 miles from the release site. Each goat was processed, measured and fitted with a GPS collar.

“All hands were helping as we loaded the goats into transport boxes for the ride to the La Sals,” said Bryce Pilling, SFW staff member. “These transplant projects are a unique opportunity for us to handle big game animals while working closely with DWR biologists.”

Brayden and Paula Richmond, Chairs of SFW’s Beaver Chapter, participated and also provided food for the crew of 35 people on site. SFW, Utah DWR and the US Forest Service were all represented on the mountain.

Riley Peck, DWR Southern Region Wildlife Biologist led the group effort. He said, “These goats should succeed and integrate well with 20 existing goats that were released with SFW’s help at the same location in 2013. Ultimately, we are confident these animals will establish a new, permanent herd of mountain goats here on the La Sal range.”


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