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SFW Saves Utah Mule Deer

SFW Deer Transplant Channing InjectionBountiful, Utah — SFW’s Davis-Weber and Salt Lake chapter volunteers led the way early this winter in an important urban mule deer transplant project. SFW volunteers and Board members joined forces with DWR before sunrise on the second mule deer transplant of its kind targeting urban deer in neighborhoods along Bountiful’s east bench.

Under the direction of UDWR Biologist Channing Howard, SFW wis providing critical hand-on assistance in baiting, trapping, blindfolding, hobbling and translocating between 100 and 200 deer living among homes in this part of southern Davis County. The project efforts began in November 2014 and will continue throughout the month of January 2015.

A few dozen SFW members provide the muscle as they work alongside Utah DWR biologists and other employees. SFW Board member Kurt Wood and chapter leaders John Taylor and Brandon Plant coordinated much of the activity.

SFW is funding this important project, and others like it in various parts of the state, with Conservation Permit funds. Together with hundred of volunteer hours and additional personal funds, SFW is investing significanty to help restore Utah’s mule deer herds where remaining winter habitat can sustain them.

View the drop net capture video and share it with your friends.

SFW Deer Transplant John Taylor Truck

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