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Hunters Touting “Best Deer Hunt in 20 Years” for Utah

Many SFW members in Utah have been reporting the best deer hunt of your lives, for them, their kids and their families on our general season, public land units.

SFW Chapter Leader Brayden Richmond agrees and said about this year’s hunt, “Most people in our town are saying it is almost as good as the good old days, and the future looks even better. There are many nice big mature bucks to choose from.”

Utah 2015 Deer b

Utah 2015 Deer a

SFW Board Chairman Dave Woodhouse also agrees. “We at SFW have worked for twenty years, the 1.1 million acres of habitat restoration, fencing highways, reducing lions, and now the coyote control the last few years have pushed our herds back on top,” he said. “It was a thrill to have my 12-year-old son looking at lots of bucks all season, then choosing among them. Then there were three nice four-points the last day of the season. He was there with his grandfather, who never thought this day would come. The family deer hunt, we all looked forward to like kids at Christmas, is back! Thanks to SFW members and the DWR for making this happen!”
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Stories and photos of successful 2015 hunts continue to come in. If you’ve got a photo or a story you’d like to tell, send them to

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