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SFW Issues Statement on 200 Expo Tags Award

The Western Hunting and Conservation Expo partners – Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife, Mule Deer Foundation and the Utah Foundation for North American Wild Sheep – would like to express their sincere appreciation to the State of Utah for its consideration in awarding us as the recipient of the 200 Expo Permit contract.

The official conclusion of the review committee stated, “Overall, the evaluation committee determined that the proposal submitted by Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife (SFW) provides the best value to the State.”

President and CEO of the Mule Deer Foundation Miles Moretti said, “We are grateful for the collaborative partnership we share with the state and the UDWR in wildlife conservation.”

The Expo partners feel it is important to release the successful proposal submitted to the state in this effort. The proposal is now available online for public review via the link below. Readers will notice this online version reflects several redacted portions to protect proprietary and sensitive information. This is in accordance with State of Utah Purchasing guidelines.

It is important to note the significant support the Expo partners have provided to the State of Utah since the 200 Expo Tags were first offered in 2007. The partners have raised more money for conservation in Utah than any other hunting conservation groups combined. The Expo Partners account for over 86% of all of the direct conservation funding raised by the top five groups participating in Utah’s Conservation Permit Program.

Since 2007 the partners have raised over $23 million in direct funding to the state of Utah, which represents the bulk of private funding for conservation programs in the state.

Expo RFP Pie Chart

Expo RFP Line Graph

The Expo partners’ proposal was very simple, according to SFW President and CEO Jon Larson. “We elect to use the five dollar application fee revenue generated through the two hundred tags as a collaborative, yet leveraged approach to implement real solutions to conservation challenges in the state of Utah. These funds allow us to support projects, programs and policies”.

In some programs, private dollars provided by the Expo Partners are leveraged as high as 10-1 or even 20-1 in current state programs. For a specific list of projects, programs and policy initiatives please view page 92 of the proposal.

As the 10th Annual Western Hunting & Conservation Exposition draws near, the Expo Partners extend a heart-felt “Thank You” to their respective loyal membership. That same thank you is expressed to the many loyal vendors, exhibitors and attendees who make this unique event the success it has become for wildlife and conservation.

We look forward to seeing you all at the 2016 Western Hunting and Conservation Expo February 11-14. We encourage everyone to apply for the 200 Expo Permits here.


Thank you,

SFW / The Expo Partners


Download the Proposal.

RFP Cover

Read the Wildlife Expo Award Justification Statement issued by the State of Utah following the announcement.


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State of Utah Awards 200 Expo Tags to SFW through 2021

Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife and the Western Hunting & Conservation Expo partners (MDF and UFNAWS) have been awarded the 200 Utah Big Game Tags for five more years. The Utah Wildlife Board today voted unanimously to accept a review panel’s recommendation and award the 200 Expo Tags contract to SFW.

A four-member panel appointed by the Utah State Purchasing Department reviewed two formal proposals; one submitted by SFW and the other by RMEF. The final scores, based on 500 possible points and six specific criteria, were SFW 435 vs. RMEF’s 387.5.

In the judgement of the four panels members, it was clear that Proposal A (SFW) was superior to Proposal B (RMEF). There was “No doubt in that judgement,” according to Mike Canning, Assistant Director of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. “This process is not a popularity contest; it cannot be a popularity contest. The evaluations were done based on the criteria that were published, and those proposals that met those criteria fully, addressed all aspects of those criteria and justified their statements received a higher score that a proposal that did not justify all statements fully.”

The 6 Points of Scoring Criteria included:
– Business Plan, Expo Operations (20%)
– Economic Considerations (10%)
– Promoting of Hunting, Fishing & Trapping in Utah (10%)
– Ability to organize and conduct a secure and fair permit drawing (20%)
– Commitment to use revenue generated for wildlife conservation in Utah (30%)
– Historical contribution and previous performance of organization in Utah (10%)

What does this mean for wildlife conservation in Utah? According to Jon Larson, SFW President and CEO, “It means that nearly $3.5 million annually will continue to flow from the Expo into Utah’s wildlife conservation programs. It means another million acres of critical wildlife habitat can be restored and improved. And it means that Utah’s wildlife and wild places will continue receiving the proper attention these important resources deserve in a state that values so deeply the traditions of wildlife, hunting and outdoor pursuits.”

SFW’s executive team, staff and members are very gratified that the state of Utah has seen fit to continue participating in the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo by awarding SFW the 200 Tags.

We encourage everyone to apply for the 200 Expo Permits here.

Watch the Wildlife Board Meeting here.


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