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Official Statement on the Proposed Bears Ears Monument in Southeastern Utah

Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife (SFW) strongly opposes the proposed creation of the 1.9 million-acre Bears Ears Monument in southeastern Utah. We recognize the proposed monument as a serious threat to Utahns’ and the native people of the region’s way of life and ability to live and pursue traditions that have been enjoyed by their ancestors for centuries.

Canyonlands National Park is a U.S. National Park located in southeastern Utah near the town of Moab

SFW fears that this monument would take control and management of the land from locals and natives, who use it everyday and rely on it for their livelihood, and turn it over to the federal government thereby prohibiting the gathering of food, hunting, wood cutting and other important activities.

SFW feels that such an expansive designation would have negative affects on the wildlife and habitat that is critical to big game survival in the region. The creation of a national monument would severely threaten the expansion of wildlife and rehabilitation of healthy habitat that sportsmen and the state of Utah have invested millions of dollars building in recent decades.

SFW agrees with the beliefs of many members of the Hopi, Navaho and Ute Indian Tribes of San Juan County, who live adjacent to the Bears Ears, that a monument designation would put the Bears Ears at greater risk than ever before and that designating a monument under the Antiquities Act as a means of protecting archaeological and sacred sites of southeastern Utah is wrong.

SFW’s opposition to the proposed Bears Ears Monument is shared by the vast majority of Utah residents, according to a recent Dan Jones & Associates poll conducted for, which found that only 17 percent of Utahns are in favor of President Obama creating the monument.

SFW calls on U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewel and President Barack Obama to take these points into serious consideration. We are hopeful that President Obama will show restraint and forego taking Executive Action to create another monument in the region.

Sign the online petition to let the White House know you are also opposed to a new monument.

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SFW Names Troy Justensen President

North Salt Lake, UT • July 13, 2016 – Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife (SFW) has named Troy Justensen President. He begins immediately overseeing day-to-day operations and management of the Utah-based non-profit wildlife conservation organization.

Troy Justensen Headshot

Justensen has been with SFW since 1994 when the sportsman’s group began organizing state and local chapters to raise funds and grassroots support for its mule deer recovery and elk expansion programs in Utah. He is a life-long outdoorsman and advocate for responsible, science-based wildlife management. He brings an understanding and love of wildlife, hunting and agriculture to the position.

“Mr. Justensen has been an important part of SFW from our beginning when he helped organize sportsmen who gathered on the steps of Utah’s capitol to express frustration with Utah’s then dwindling hunting opportunities,” said SFW Founder Don Peay. “He is a passionate warrior for sportsmen and conservation of wild places and wild things. His efforts and influence have been in play on the western wildlife front for more than two decades, and our membership can expect many additional and significant contributions from him in the future.”

Mr. Justensen has helped raise over $13 million for Utah wildlife alone – money that has been committed to on-the-ground projects to specifically benefit big game, upland game and fishery resources. Among his most recent accomplishments is an ongoing $360,000 SFW investment in a pheasant raising program designed to augment wild populations of the birds and give youth hunters throughout the state opportunity to experience pheasant hunting as he did as a young hunter.

Most recently Chairman of the SFW Fulfillment Committee, Justensen has successfully led a team of extremely dedicated hunters in the development and execution of a wide variety of programs and initiatives to protect and enhance wildlife populations.

“The success of SFW’s programs has been possible only through partnerships with local and state wildlife and land agencies, private landowner and livestock associations, and other non-profit wildlife organizations – partnerships Troy has helped foster and maintain on behalf of SFW,” said SFW Board Chairman Dave Woodhouse. “I have worked closely with him for fifteen years and have every confidence in his abilities to get things done for SFW and wildlife.”

Mr. Justensen will be responsible for ensuring the success and growth of SFW and it’s various programs, subsidiaries and ventures, including 17 local chapters, the annual Western Hunting and Conservation Expo, Arctic Red River Outfitters in the Northwest Territories of British Columbia and the Full Curl Society.

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"The mission of SFW is to promote the protection and enhancement of wildlife habitat, assist in providing quality wildlife management programs, educating the public about the role hunters play in wildlife conservation, and perpetuating the family tradition of hunting and fishing".