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About SFW

SFW is a team of 7,000 members spread throughout all 50 states. We are intensely dedicated to the perpetuation of wildlife, and we’re passionate about hunting. Our membership is a collection of sportsmen and women including everything from average hunters and influential celebrities, to wildlife experts, firearm and ammunition manufacturers, taxidermists, guides and outfitters. We all work together to create a future for wildlife and for hunters.

SFW members have raised millions of dollars and volunteered tens of thousands of hours and equipment that is having very real affects on the ground. In Utah, Idaho and Wyoming more than 1,000,000 acres of public land has already been rehabilitated with SFW funds and influence.

Thousands of acres of critical deer and elk winter habitat has been purchased, treated with chaining and burning, and preserved with SFW funds.

Interstate and in-state transplants of buffalo, bighorn sheep, elk, turkey and mule deer are an annual event that provide volunteer opportunity for our members and more abundant and healthier wildlife for everyone.

SFW Leadership

SFW Executive Leadership

Troy Justensen – President

Chris Carling – Marketing Director

Bryce Pilling – Secretary

SFW Staff

Mike Pritchett – Turkey Coordinator

Ken Strong – Fishing Coordinator

SFW Board of Directors

Don Peay

SFW Fulfillment Committee

The Fulfillment Committee’s purpose and authority is to inform, discuss and vote on wildlife policy positions of SFW. These decisions are adopted only after careful review of information that has been researched or provided. Many of these decisions are biological and social. Each person on the committee represents a segment of our membership or partners from across the state and thus gives broad input and recommendations. Those serving on the Executive Committee or as a SFW consultant can vote. The Executive Advisory Committee can vote because they are only in an advisory capacity. Robert’s Rules of Order are followed to reach a simple majority vote.

  • Troy Justensen, Mission Fulfillment Board Chairman
  • Dave Woodhouse, Vice Chairman/Utah Co. Chapter
  • Russel Todd, Dixie Chapter
  • Nolan Gardner, Dixie Chapter
  • Jason Aiken, Iron Co. Chapter
  • Jared Peay, Utah Co. Chapter
  • Eric Luke, Carbon/Emery Chapter
  • Shayne Thompson Carbon/Emery Chapter
  • Lonne Rasmussen, Davis/Weber Chapter
  • Brandon Plant, Davis/Weber Chapter
  • Shane Olsen, Heber/Kamas Chapter
  • Wayne Gough, Heber/Kamas Chapter
  • Troy Justensen, Uintah Basin Chapter
  • Jason Lundahl, Logan Chapter
  • Kelly Rollins, Beaver Chapter
  • Tom Stephenson, Delta Chapter
  • Gary Syrett, Garfield/Kane Chapter
  • John Taylor, SLC Chapter
  • Mike Holmes, Tooele Co. Chapter
  • Tiffany Kimmerle, San Juan Co. Chapter, 435-757-9645
  • Paul Niemeyer, Sevier Co. Chapter, 435-896-6981
  • Mike Pritchett, Turkey Specialist, 801-404-0571
  • Travis Siefers, Trappers Association

Contact/Email Us

Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife
215 North Redwood Road #1
North Salt Lake, UT 84054
Phone: 801-936-1386

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Our Mission

"The mission of SFW is to promote the protection and enhancement of wildlife habitat, assist in providing quality wildlife management programs, educating the public about the role hunters play in wildlife conservation, and perpetuating the family tradition of hunting and fishing".